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Tee Time Golf Apparel have decided to start a weekly blog post. We will not only keep you updated on products, pricing, sales and information in regards to anything to do with our brand, but we will be sharing some funny stories, photos and information on some of the fantastic golf clubs we visit on our adventures, while travelling to promote and sell our products. There have been so many fantastic courses we have visited so far and if you watch this space over the next few days, I will endeavor to do a little bit of a flashback photo collage and blog of these amazing courses and some of the amazing people we have met along the way. Our weekly blog will also include some golfing tips, maybe a golfing joke or two and if agreed by the subject in question on the day, maybe some funny photos of those awkward situations we can all get ourselves into on the golf course. Feel free to and I would encourage any of you out there, to send me any tips you might have, that I would be more than happy to add to my blog and please, please, please, any funny photos you have, that you would like to share of your own golfing mishaps would be great. Just remember if you plan to send in photos of others, please make sure you get their permission first. All tips and photos can be sent to ally@teetimegolfapparel.com.au to be approved and posted on our next available blog.


  • Ally Jones

    Thank you Toni. A wise woman gave me some very good advice one day to start this blog.

  • Toni McSweeny

    Good work Ally!!

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